Best Shoe Recommendations For Someone Running Around All Day

I love my new job, but it really is playing havoc with my feet. In my old job, I just sat at a desk all day, which was pretty dull but at least I didn’t have to suffer from blisters. Now, I’m constantly running around – I’m always going between different areas of the site, up and down stairs, walking around doing inspections, it’s hard work and my feet are really taking the strain. Every night I come home and they look red and swollen and now I have blisters and what I think is the start of a corn. It isn’t good. So, I’ve had to start looking into which shoes are best for people who have to stand and walk around all day.


I need shoes which can support my feet perfectly, with supportive arches and a strong structure. As I’m walking around all day mostly on concrete, I also need shoes that have good shock absorption in the insoles, and which have excellent traction and non-slip qualities so that I can feel safe if it’s raining or icy. Another important feature to look out for is breathability since even I can’t stand the smell of my feet when I take off my shoes and socks at the moment! I never realized just how hot feet could get when walking about all day long, and I dread to think what it’ll be like when the summer comes around!


I’ve been doing some research and I’ve decided that I need three different pairs of shoes to accommodate the different needs of my job. Some days, I need shoes that are good for running about, since speed is sometimes of the essence and I have to get from A to B pretty quickly. Some other days, I need proper work shoes, but ones that are suitable for standing in all day long, and then sometimes I need a good strong pair of work boots for when I’m on the job site which can protect me from any accidents or impacts.

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Here are the shoes that I have found that seem to best suit my needs.


Clarks Escalade – Best For Standing All Day

Clarks Escalade

These simple looking shoes are perfect for work and will work well with a suit. They have easy care leather uppers and have a classic loafer design. These shoes are perfect for standing for long periods thanks to the breathable leather which will keep my feet wonderfully cool all day long. The comfort footbed ensures complete comfort throughout the day while the sole is flexible for better support and give even on concrete surfaces. The heel cradles my feet nicely to protect from blisters and the fit is very good.

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Skechers Workshire Work Steel Toe Boot – Best Work Boots

Skechers Workshire Work Steel Toe Boot

These are the perfect boots for wear in hazardous workplaces thanks to the impressive steel toe cap which effectively protects from impacts and accidental damage. These are perfect for anyone who needs to work hard but not experience any pain or discomfort in their feet, and they look great too. Although they’re a little heavy, they are also electrical hazard protective for better safety on the job site and they are also very safe on all kinds of surfaces. Thanks to their relaxed fit design, they are also roomy enough to accommodate my toes.


Avia Avi-Union Strap Service Shoe – Best For Running

Avia Avi-Union Strap Service Shoe

Perfect for anyone who needs to run around all day on concrete surfaces, this shoe has a casual sneaker style design but is still smart enough for work wear. The OSR outer soles have excellent traction on liquids and oils and with a cantilever heel is ensures optimal stability even when worn all day long. The midsoles are shock absorbent to protect against excessive fatigue and the ethylene vinyl acetate insoles offer extra comfort and padding for the soles of the feet. As there is also hook and loop straps rather than laces, these shoes are quick and easy to put on and take off, and also it is much easier to get the perfect fit.

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These three pairs of shoes are now being added to my wardrobe, and I can’t wait to feel the comfort once more!